What Is Causing My Bad Breath?

What Is Causing My Bad Breath?
Posted on 07/01/2021

Whether you are going on a first date, interviewing for a high-level job, or just being introduced to someone for the first time, there is nothing quite as off-putting as greeting your new acquaintance with the smell of bad breath. Bad breath is more than just an unpleasant stench—it can make people think less of you, make you seem unattractive, and make people not want to spend time talking to you. Here at Maplewood Dental Associates, your local providers of periodontal treatment in Maplewood, we want all of our patients to feel confident in their smile—both how it looks and how it smells. Check out our quick guide on how to figure why you have bad breath, and how your periodontist in St Paul can help you treat it.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are several conditions that lead to bad breath, but the most common (and often the one with the worst smell) is gum disease. Gum disease occurs when food debris and bacteria build up in the space on your teeth that are covered by your gums. This area requires excellent brushing form and regular flossing to keep clean, which means that it is often an area that people forget about. When neglected, the bacteria and food buildup start to react to produce a substance called plaque, which smells awful and begins to corrode your teeth. Gum disease, or gingivitis, can be the cause of not only bad breath but it can also lead to tooth decay, loss of teeth, and permanent damage to your gums and jaw.

What You Can Do To Stop Bad Breath

While maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine is essential to preventing gum disease, sometimes you need a little extra help—that’s where we come in! Here at Maplewood Dental Associates, your experts in periodontal treatment in Maplewood, we offer a diverse array of periodontal treatments to help keep your gums clean so that you can avoid bad breath. One of our most popular treatments for bad breath is called tooth-scaling, a process that involves rigorous cleaning of the space where your gums meet your teeth, which directly combats gingivitis and receding gums. Here are some of our other treatments available at your periodontist in St. Paul, designed to beat gum disease and eliminate bad breath:

Schedule a Visit With Your Periodontist in St. Paul Today!

Whether you are concerned about your bad breath or if you simply want to ensure that your teeth look and feel as good as they can, then look no further! Here at Maplewood Dental Associates, your local periodontist in St. Paul, we specialize in cosmetic dentistry that also improves your overall oral health. If you have bad breath, don’t delay—it could be a sign of a more severe case of gum disease or tooth decay! Contact Maplewood Dental Associates, your provider of periodontal treatment in Maplewood and St. Paul, to learn more about how to treat bad breath or to schedule an appointment.

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